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Order Theresa Payton's new book Privacy in the Age of Big Data: Recognizing Threats, Defending Your Rights, and Protecting Your Family, Second Edition.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Your Life on Technology Chapter 1. The Intersection of Privacy, Law and Technology Section I: Your Computer and the Internet Chapter 2. Your Computer is Watching You Chapter 3. How the Government Follows Your Electronic Tracks Chapter 4. Criminals and Snoops Chapter 5. Just Hanging Out Online Chapter 6. The Spy in Your Pocket Section II: Risk in the Streets Chapter 7. Cameras Everywhere Chapter 8. When Your Car is Just Another Computer Chapter 9. When Your Own Body Gives You Away Chapter 10. DNA and Health Records Section III: Home is Where the Heart (of Surveillance) Is Chapter 11. Home Sweet Home: Spies in Your Living Room Chapter 12. Risks of Computer and Phone Networks Section IV: Where Do We Go from Here? Chapter 13. Reality Meets the Metaverse Plus Chapter 14. Judging You by Your Data Chapter 15. The Future of Technology and Privacy Chapter 16. Laws and Regulations That Could Help Preserve Privacy Index About the Authors


"Over the course of the last decade, the public’s knowledge of everything cyber has no doubt increased by several magnitudes, with industry jargon like hacker, phishing, ransomware, and more now inundating popular media and becoming part of the common vernacular. Most everyone today understands that their online activity is being tracked, that data is being aggregated to create a detailed profile of each of us, and that companies are leveraging this valuable data about our habits and inclinations in order to better focus their marketing on our particular interests. Even so, most people still have little to no understanding of just how pervasive this surveillance is and how dramatically it is eroding their privacy. In the first edition of Thersa Payton and Ted Claypoole articulated the impact that these seemingly innocuous technological advances have had on our daily lives and our lack of control when it comes to governing our personal information, how and when it is being collected, archived, analyzed, and ultimately leveraged for everything from marketing to dragnet-style law enforcement operations. This second edition dives even deeper into the insidious business of online surveillance and smart-gadget data collection that pervades our daily lives and offers insights into how individuals can take back some of that control. Privacy in the Age of Big Data <second edition> is an accessible and informative read whether you are super cyber-savvy or just beginning to wrap your head around how the rapid evolution of these technologies is impacting your life and the lives of your loved ones and is a must-read primer for understanding privacy in the twenty-first century…" ~Anthony M. Freed, security journalist, author, and Communications lead at Halcyon.ai



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