Please Do Not Treat Me Differently

Carmello Baker

The author, Carmello Baker, would like to share with you her book titled, "Do Not Treat Me Differently." The story shows a brother’s love for his sister who has special needs. He wants to include her in all that he does throughout his day without her feeling excluded or isolated. He shows how he can love his sister and still engage in activities with her through her disabilities. 

The author hopes that her book can help you see the many ways that you can show love and include your community members that have disabilities, remembering that they have feelings too.


Carmello Baker is a Christian, wife, and mother of two wonderful children, Braylon and Briayle. She has a passion for sharing the knowledge she has gained through her life experiences as a mother of an exceptional child in hopes that it can help other families. Join her in her journey of sharing love and compassion in our world.

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