The Mystery of Old Meyer Pond (Paperback)

The Mystery of Old Meyer Pond By Angela N. Mata Cover Image
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Native New Yorkers Nick and Moselle Damask's are moving to coastal Georgia. They've just won a bid on a beautifully restored antebellum mansion featured in an online auction. But little do they realize that there's a family connection. The couple has unwittingly purchased the Meyer Plantation where Moselle's ancestors were once enslaved. She and her youngest daughter are plagued by a series of nightmares involving water. They soon discover that the dreams are connected to the 1884 Massacre at Ebenezer Creek. Legend has it that Moselle's great-great grandfather actually witnessed the event. His mother and younger sister were among the casualties. Joshua watched them vanish beneath the Ebenezer as a seven year old boy. His memories are now Moselle's. Nick learns of Joshua's connection when he travels south to close on his deal. A mysterious pond behind the estate is said to be the dwelling place of the basimbi with whom the slaves made a pact. The mystery of Old Meyer Pond quickly begins to unravel when Moselle arrives with the children. They have been summoned home by the basimbi. The family fulfills their creative ambitions while under the rapture of their ancient aquatic landlords. Theirs is a story of retribution in a most unprecedented way.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798201784997
Publisher: Two Black Doves Publications
Publication Date: April 30th, 2022
Pages: 358
Language: English