Loophole of the Gods, Part II: The War (Paperback)

Loophole of the Gods, Part II: The War By Lyle Milton Cover Image
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★The Deeply Immersive Psychological Technothriller for fans of Ex Machina and A.I. ★Will a P.I. become a casualty in a bloody war between 'gods'?

It was supposed to be a simple case: find Adrianna's killers and report back. Easy. However, Jesse Davenport, PI, soon learned that case was anything but, finding himself again framed for triple homicide for all his trouble.

When he narrowly escapes the police with the help of Dr. Nicoletta Albescu, all goes silent, and he's left with more burning questions: Why isn't he on the most wanted list? Who and what is this superhuman maniac that's trying to destroy him? What is Dr. Albescu hiding from him? And, through all the twists and turns that follow, he finds himself still unable to disassociate his daughter Lainey from Adrianna, the remarkable girl at the core of it all.

But why?

Dr. Albescu-reclusive multi-billionaire and Adrianna's mother-has answers, but is an enigma, herself; he can't shake the suspicion that she's deliberately toying with his heart, manipulating and deceiving him for some dark purpose. However, she has dire concerns of her own as she prepares to take center stage to make bold statements before the world, declarations that will plunge her into war with those who're conspiring to make certain that any blood that spills will be hers... and Jesse's.

Can Jesse uncover the truth of what Dr. Albescu is hiding and avoid becoming a target in a war between 'gods'?

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ISBN: 9781953390042
ISBN-10: 1953390048
Publisher: Inkfyre
Publication Date: August 21st, 2020
Pages: 362
Language: English