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"Takes the sweeping size, bustle, and chaos of Tokyo and makes it small, introspective, and personal," Independent Publisher.

"Captures the essence and allure of Tokyo." Feathered Quill.

"A memoir to be savored like a fine red wine," Publishers Daily.

Motions and Moments captures the ceaseless flow and brief momentary dramas of the biggest city in the world with gentle humor and rich detail. As in his first two books, this third memoir of life in Tokyo explores the uniqueness of living in small spaces, learning to love crowds, sitting under cherry blossoms, and surviving the 2011 earthquake. These short, personal pieces go deeper into the fascinating undercurrents of life in Tokyo.

After two-plus decades living, teaching, and writing in Tokyo, the author remains fascinated by how Tokyoites work, commute, and eat standing up at elbow-bumping counters. With an eye for detail and a passion for the city, the writing is steeped in the city's perpetual energy. Motions and Moments is one American's exploration of the intricate life in one of the most dynamic places in the world.

Winner Best Indie Book Award Non-Fiction

Indie Groundbreaking Book Independent Publisher Book Review

Gold Award Readers' Favorite Non-Fiction Cultural

Gold Award Global E-Book Awards Travel Writing

Gold Award Non-Fiction Author's Association

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ISBN: 9781942410119
ISBN-10: 1942410115
Publisher: Raked Gravel Press
Publication Date: December 22nd, 2015
Pages: 290
Language: English