Pivot: Empowering Yourself Today to Succeed in an Unpredictable Tomorrow (Students & Entrepreneurs) (Paperback)

Pivot: Empowering Yourself Today to Succeed in an Unpredictable Tomorrow (Students & Entrepreneurs) By Ravi Hutheesing Cover Image
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Education is more than just going to school

How can you empower yourself to stay relevant in an ever-changing world? As globalization and artificial intelligence dramatically change the future of work, preparing for a life defined more by who you are than by what you do is the most important benchmark of your education.

Pivot is an inspiring journey of self-discovery that reveals an insightful framework for creating entrepreneurial-minded, lifelong learners who can ... pivot.

Born into one of the world's most politically influential families, Ravi Hutheesing rejected the obvious choices presented to him, and instead, took ownership of his education. As an entrepreneur, he propelled himself to the stage at Madison Square Garden as the guitarist of a world-famous band, to the skies as aviation's go-to spokesperson for recruiting student pilots, to the complex geopolitical landscapes of Iraq and Russia as a cultural diplomat for the US Department of State, and now to schools and conferences worldwide as a dynamic keynote speaker leading discussions on reimagining education.

Ravi uncovers many ways that traditional schooling, real-world experiences, mentorships, and the arts will equip you with the skills you need to thrive in an unpredictable future. With actionable takeaways at the end of every chapter, Pivot reveals how entrepreneurs, students, and lifelong learners can maximize their education ... because education is about much more than just going to school.

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ISBN: 9781735744148
ISBN-10: 173574414X
Publisher: Ravi Unites, Inc.
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 178
Language: English