Within the Shadows of Life (Paperback)

Within the Shadows of Life By Richard Tabler Cover Image
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This book is about how I made a mistake in my life and am now paying for that mistake that could very well cost me my own life. It's about growing up unwanted and unloved by some in my family and how I ran amok doing anything and everything from a very young age. It's the story of my own life and the guilt I hold within myself from some very stupid choices and actions throughout my entire life. Having no direction in my life and from those that were supposed to be there for me with open arms and love, but instead I got the boot, while being allowed to do anything I wanted without regard for my actions unless it came in the form of the local police and in turn prison before landing on Texas Death Row.

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ISBN: 9781637511282
ISBN-10: 1637511280
Publisher: Cadmus Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 242
Language: English