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U.S. correspondent Finn Waters risks his life in pursuit of a story he dreams will exalt him to the level of his famous journalist father who disappeared during the Hungarian Revolution. But Finn doesn't suspect he'll have to make a devil's bargain. With only three days before secret police will notice his absence at the 1989 Round Table Talks in Warsaw, he slips undercover into Russia to prove, once and for all, who massacred 22,000 Polish officers and members of Poland's professional class during WWII. He knows the truth will cause a global uproar capable of shattering the tottering Soviet Union. And he prays the acclaim will smooth over the problems in his marriage.

Of course, if his wife, Clarissa, or his editor at the New York Times finds out he has teamed up with a triple agent and become an international thief, they will kill him. The Soviets, on the other hand, don't use clichés; they truly want him dead. When without warning, the U.S. denies Finn's existence, it seals his fate as a spy without a country, as a man who will forever be looking for a way home.

About the Author

Thomas Henry Pope is a journalist, actor, songwriter, builder and EMT. His boyhood travels behind the Iron Curtain exposed him to the failings of Materialism and laid the groundwork for this story. After dropping out of Stanford he became a Buddhist, living off the grid and growing his own food. Since then he has worked in Hollywood, written for HuffPost and taught English to foreigners. He lives in Vermont.

Praise For…

"Sharp writing, clever storytelling, and rich with historical intrigue. Imperfect Burials is a Winner." -Chad Zunker, bestselling author of Hunt of the Lion

"With the controlled lyricism of a gifted journalist, Thomas Henry Pope has crafted a richly textured novel about the inextricable linkages between historic memory and political intrigue. Imperfect Burials reveals incredible depth and insight as it explores the echoes of Central Europe's dark past rising up to insinuate themselves into the tumultuous present. Fans of Martin Cruz Smith and Philip Kerr will be richly rewarded."-Heather Webb, USA Today bestselling author of The Next Ship Home

"Imperfect Burials is perfectly plotted from the opening scene, as a hardened foreign correspondent gets drawn into Cold War espionage-only to discover that unearthing the secret behind one of World War II's most brutal episodes may be easier than escaping the secretws woven into his life. Vivid as a movie and lucid as a dream, Imperfect Burials kept its hold on me long after the last page."-Thom Elkjer, Editor and Contributor to Travelers Tales volumes on Paris, Italy & Ireland food, wine and spirituality.

"An international thriller in the Le Carre tradition. Driven by unconscious forces, American journalist Finn Waters digs into Eastern European war crimes dating back to WWII that neither superpower wants exposed. Pope weaves a moving and complicated love story into this deadly puzzle of questionable allies and vicious foes."-John Hadden, author, Conversations with a Mased Man: My Father the CIA, and Me

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ISBN: 9781605715766
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Publisher: Shires Press
Publication Date: May 7th, 2021
Pages: 366
Language: English